Recipe Wednesdays: Savory Baking

Welcome to Recipe Wednesdays!

Today’s featured recipe for avoiding a cold is Molly’s Immunity Soup!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Make this soup on that first day of your symptoms and have a bowl or two for the next few days. Get plenty of rest and drinks lots of water, more than normal, which will allow your body to flush out the bad guys. Drizzle with sesame oil for an extra boost of supportive healthy fats. (By the way, my cold never turned into anything much and I credit this soup and generous mugs of my immunity tea concoction – it really works!)

And now for this week’s recipe link-up:

Today we want to hear your best savory baking recipes. Please limit yourself to 2 recipes per member, and make sure to include the name of your recipe. Thanks! And as a head’s up, next week’s theme will be your best end-of-winter recipes (hey, we can dream, right?).

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