Love Your Healthy Living Journey: Heather

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This post comes from Heather!

I’ve been living an active and healthy lifestyle for the majority of my life, but over the past few years I have truly grown a LOVE for living it.  Dancing since the age of 3, I’ve competed with the the University of South Florida, danced for NBA Basketball, my church, and most recently incorporate dance into barre workouts.  Working out and training with other college athletes sparked a fire in me to get active, stay active and fuel my body with healthy food. Over the past few months I’ve been training for my first half-marathon, which has inspired me to share Health and Fitness on my blog, Housewife Glamour.

I’m fairly new to Healthy Living Blogs, but have really enjoyed building a community with fellow health and fitness enthusiasts.  I love writing daily and it’s refreshing to find groups of people who share the same passion as me: a LOVE for healthy living (and eating!)

I’m excited to get more connected in local events and blogger meet-ups, but in the mean time I’m enjoying the training advice, recipes and articles shared by fellow healthy living bloggers.

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