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Recently we at HLB made contact with a pretty awesome company that we’re excited to be partnering with: BTB Sunglasses (BTB = Be the Ball), a new sport optics company that had a mission. They wanted to create a line of sport and recreational use sunglasses with the following goals in mind:

  • Superior Optic Quality
  • Complete UVA & UVB Protection
  • Frame Construction Materials of the Highest Quality and Durability
  • Complimentary Styles and “Formed Fit” for Comfort
  • Diverse Usage Applications for the Consumer
  • Aggressive and Affordable Price Point

Well guys, mission accomplished! BTB Sport Optics are “the best $100 sunglasses you can buy for under $50”!

HLB Founder Lindsey was recently sent a pair of these sunglasses (the BTB 520 in Emerald Pear/ Gold Mirror seen above) to review, and seeing as she’s from the sunshine state and all, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on them. Her thoughts?

  • many cool designs
  • love the hypoallergenic temple and nose piece areas that are also coated with an anti-bacterial finish
  • super light weight
  • the price point (L here: I have never, and probably will never buy $100 sunglasses! With great prices like these at BTB, I can even afford to get my husband a pair so he’ll stop stealing mine!)
  • fit nicely around the head and don’t move/ slide around
  • complete UVA & UVB protection (no joke, especially in Florida – this is why Lindsey even wears sunglasses when it’s cloudy outside!)
Check out that sunlight being reflected!

Lindsey’s used them while running, walking, biking, hiking, driving around, and even just out and about running errands, outside at the farmer’s market, etc. Basically – if there’s daylight and she’s leaving her house, the sunglasses are with her.

Another super cool feature? They’re bulletproof.

See! Now you know that if someone ever shoots at your face with a 12-gauge shotgun, as long as they aim for your sunglasses, you’ll be golden! 😉

BTB also has some great charitable efforts, with their own organization called the Be the Ball Foundation. We at HLB are passionate about health, and there’s no better age to start than with kids! The Be the Ball Foundation helps focus on childhood fitness and activity and reducing childhood obesity through exercise. Love this!

So, want to try these glasses out for yourself? BTB Sunglasses is giving away two pairs of their spot and recreational use sunglasses to two lucky HLBers who leave a comment below! Simply go to and sign up for their newsletter, then come back here leaving a comment stating you did so.

Bonus points? Tweet or blog about the contest and leave a separate comment stating you did so.

We’ll announce the winner in our Announcements post on Monday 11/7!


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