Recipe Wednesdays: Corn

Welcome to Recipe Wednesdays!

Today’s featured corn recipe is Clare’s Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

At the moment, I’m currently obsessed with corn. There’s something about it that’s just oh so summery. I threw this quick and simple salad together for a last minute dinner side dish. Excellent decision. It turned out to be really tasty. Something I would definitely make again. It can stand alone or fill in as a side dish or salad topper. I really loved the colors of this salad and the ingredients all accompanied each other very well.

And now for this week’s recipe link-up:

Today we want to hear your favorite summer picnic recipes. Please limit yourself to 2 recipes per member, and make sure to include the name of your recipe. Thanks!

And as a head’s up, next week’s theme will be recipes using any summer vegetables!


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