Friday Feature: LauraJayne, Get Healthy, Live Healthy!

FridayFeatures3In our weekly Friday Feature, we share a 5-question interview with one of the fantastic members of Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. If you’re an HLB member and haven’t gotten your interview email yet, don’t worry, you will in time! We’re working our way through a list of 2,000+ members’ blogs at random.

Welcome to Laura Jayne of LauraJayne: Get Healthy, Live Healthy!

1. What is your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

Laura Jayne, LauraJayne: Get Healthy, Live Healthy! I came to blogging without a strong understanding of the healthy-living blogging community – so I didn’t know to create a blog name different than my own name! I’ve always loved my name, and felt like it (with the slogan) would create a blog that was authentically me (with all my flaws)!
2. What’s one goal you’re working towards right now (career, personal, health)?

I’m currently training for my first marathon – planned to be the Baltimore Marathon on October 15th!

3. How would you describe your blogging style?

Authentic and honest; Losing and then maintaining weight loss is a lifestyle, and I want to share my ups and downs and hopefully help others who share my goals and struggles!

4. What is your tagline and why?

Get Healthy, Live Healthy! Getting to “healthy” is just the first step – living healthy is the goal, and it requires daily decisions that will result in a maximized life!

5. What is something you’ve learned recently that you found interesting?

That we should eat dessert with dinner, when we are already mostly full – it prevents overindulgence!
6. Do you have days when you just don’t feel like eating healthy, cooking, or exercising?

I pretty much always feel like exercising, because I’ve definitely built it into my daily routine. However, I definitely have days when I want to indulge all day long and stay out of the kitchen! I feel like that is totally normally – and we should listen to our bodies and indulge – as long as it isn’t every day!

7. What is something about you that would shock us?

I moved 18 times before I turned 18! I credit that for my outgoing personality AND my ability to adapt! I didn’t say it then, but thanks Mom & Dad!

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