Friday Feature: Brownies and Zucchini

FridayFeatures3In our weekly Friday Feature, we share a 5-question interview with one of the fantastic members of Take the time to get to know your co-members, pick up tips and tricks, blogging know-how, and recommendations from your fellow bloggers. If you’re an HLB member and haven’t gotten your interview email yet, don’t worry, you will in time! We’re working our way through a list of 2,000+ members’ blogs at random.

Welcome to Kelly of Brownies and Zucchini!

1. What is your name, blog name, and how did you create your blog title?

My name is Kelly and my blog name is Brownies and Zucchini. I came to this blog name by thinking of two different foods that I love that are on two different ends of the food spectrum. They seemed to fit well together.

2. What’s one goal you’re working towards right now (career, personal, health)?

I just started the Couch to 5K running program! I don’t have a race in mind that I’m running yet, just trying to take it slow and see where things go.

3. What are 10 words that apply to you and your healthy living journey?

Moderation. Variety. Try new things. Dessert. Yoga. Pilates. Strength. Running?

4. How would you describe your blogging style?

I try not to stress out about what or when I post. I blog when I have something to post, and when I feel like it. Generally I post about recipes I make, with occasional more personal posts.

5. What is your tagline and why?

My tagline is “Overcoming the pickiness, one bite at a time.” The main goal of my blog is to try out new recipes, and foods, and review them in an effort to expand my tastes and food choices.

6. Do you have days when you just don’t feel like eating healthy, cooking, or exercising?

Absolutely. Sometimes I try to force myself to stay in healthy mode, but if I really don’t feel I just take the day off and resume healthiness in the morning.

7. What is something about you that would shock us?

I’m not allergic to mosquitos! That isn’t to say that I’m not annoyed by them buzzing around me, but I don’t get itchy red mosquito bites like others.

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