Recipe Wednesdays: Grilling

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Welcome to Recipe Wednesdays!

Today’s featured grilling recipe is Megan’s grilled pizza!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

B and I fired up the BBQ for some more pizza grilling goodness tonight! That head of garlic in the last post? Roasted, pureed with sun dried tomatoes, and smeared on a pizza crust. This, dear readers, is living!

And now for this week’s recipe link-up:

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day.  So let’s honor all the moms in our lives with this week’s recipe link-up!  We want to see your mom’s specialties, or the dishes you make to honor her on Mother’s Day. Please limit yourself to 2 recipes per member, and make sure to include the name of your recipe. Thanks!

And as a head’s up, next week’s theme will be recipes using rhubarb!

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