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This post is a part of May’s Healthy Living Tuesdays series, focused on your blogging inspiration. We’re looking for Healthy Living Tuesday submissions for June.  The topic?  The top three items from your  “Fitness Bucket List.”  What do you hope to achieve in the fitness world during your lifetime?  Running a marathon?  Cycling cross-country?  Practicing yoga for 30 days in a row?  Email your proposal to healthylivingblogs at gmail dot com, and we’ll select 4-6 to feature on Tuesdays in June!

This post is partially reprinted with permission from Carrie on Vegan.

The question for May from [Healthy Living Blogs] is “where do you get your blogging inspiration?” and it really got me thinking. My immediate reaction was that my inspiration comes from my love of eating and my passion for health. The two combined makes a pretty ideal recipe for a healthy living blog.

I started my first blog in June of 2009 and it was called Love Healthy Living. I wanted a place to share my recipes and inspire others to make healthy meals at home. Around the same time, I began a masters in public health (MPH) in nutrition program. I also became more focused on my health journey and, in late 2011, decided to pursue a mostly vegan diet. Shortly thereafter, I re-launched my blog as Carrie on Vegan, a place for healthy, plant-based recipes.

I have found the blogosphere to be an incredible community of (mainly) women who are bright, talented and ambitious. I am constantly amazed by the creative recipes that my fellow bloggers produce. From cauliflower rice to green smoothies to veggie juice, who knew such health-promoting, delicious and easy concoctions could be made? I literally have a basketful of recipes from fellow bloggers to try.

My latest healthy obsession is juice. I love experimenting with all types of fruits and vegetables.


The benefit of blogging to my personal health has been transformative. From struggling with disordered eating and weight issues in my adolescence and early adulthood to dealing with migraines and allergies up until a few months ago, I have found the blogosphere to be a wealth of knowledge for nutrition and healthy habits. My “before” and “after” photos look like this:

To see the photos and read the rest of the post, click here!

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