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Our friend Kelly of Brownies and Zucchini has mastered the art of the Restaurant Review.  Today she teaches us how to share reviews with the popular restaurant site Urban Spoon.


Do you enjoy eating at restaurants? Do you blog about the restaurants that you go to? Wondering if there are other ways that you can share these reviews with people – and possibly introduce new people to your blog at the same time?   Have you heard of Urbanspoon?

If you aren’t familiar, here is the gist: Urbanspoon is a website where people can go to look at restaurants, rate, and review them. Along with the user reviews, bloggers can also link their blog posts to the restaurant reviews.

Here’s how.

1) Sign up for an account on Urbanspoon by clicking “Join Urbanspoon” on the home page. (It is free!)  Fill in all of the required information and you are good to go!

2) Search and find a restaurant that you have reviewed.   Scroll down the page until you see the“Blog Posts on XX Restaurant” section.  After the last review there will be a link to click to add your review to that page.  Click that link.  You will then see a page with instructions of how to link your blog to that review page.


3) The process is very simple.  Chose which image you would like to put in your blog post, copy the code and paste it into your post.   Urbanspoon will find your post through the code in that image.


4) Wait for Urbanspoon to approve your post (It can take a few days!), and then your post will show up under the reviews on the Urbanspoon page for the restaurant!


You can see an example of what the medium sized Urbanspoon images look like on my recent post reviewing Monk’s Bar & Grill. Also, check out my Urbanspoon page for ideas on how connecting with Urbanspoon can benefit your blog!  (For example, Brownies and Zucchini is ranked #6 in the Albany Blog Leader Board – and I only visited for one weekend!!  Also, when you become an Urbanspoon member, you can follow me.


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