Major Changes at HLB!

Here at HLB Headquarters (ie: Julie and Heather’s respective laptops), we’ve been racking our brains for a way to get MORE members involved and engaged on a daily basis.  While we love our series posts, we haven’t been getting many submissions and know that we could do more.
After lots of brainstorming (to the point that we both woke up with headaches after a night of major HLB planning 😉 ), this is what we’ve come up with.  From now on, we’ll be focusing on a different aspect of Healthy Living and blogging each day of the week.
So without further ado, here is the new HLB blogging schedule:
This is everybody’s chance to shine, reader and blogger alike.  Whether you have a milestone you’ve reached, a race result you want to share, or a giveaway to announce, this is the place for it.  Consider this your ‘brag time.’  What have you done in the past week that has made you proud, big or small?  Send it to us at, and your announcement will be included in that Monday’s post!
We don’t want to ditch the series posts entirely.  You’ve all had some great insights on past topics such as balance and what you wish people had told you in your first week of blogging.  So we’re keeping them as part of Healthy Living Tuesdays.  Be on the look out – you can expect to hear more about how you can be involved in these posts coming soon!!

Every Wednesday, we will be hosting a themed recipe link-up.  We will also randomly select a recipe from the previous week’s link-up to be featured on HLB each week.  To celebrate the holiday season, next Wednesday’s theme will be “cookies.” Find your best cookie recipe post (it can be new OR old!), and be ready to link it up on Wednesday morning…instructions on linking up will be provided!
We’d also love to feature some of your favorite workouts on Wednesdays.  Have a post describing your interval workout?  A fitness DVD review? A push-ups ‘how-to?’  Whatever it is, send it to Julie at to be considered for a Workout Wednesday post!
Our first “Blog Tip Thursday” post went up this week.  We discuss the best Google tool you aren’t using (or are you?), so check it out if you missed it!  Each week we plan to highlight a new tip for your benefit.

Never fear, regular Friday Feature posts will continue as they have been.

We’re incredibly excited about these changes to Healthy Living Blogs, and hope you are too!  If you have any suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!  We can be reached via the comments section or at
Have a great weekend!
— The HLB Team
Heather, Admin: ThenHeatherSaid, @thenheathersaid
Julie, Admin: Savvy Eats, @savvyjulie
Lindsey, Founder: Sound Eats, @soundeats


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