Introducing: Healthy Living Tuesdays

You may have noticed there are a-whole-lot of changes going on here at HLB. We ourselves are thrilled and quite happy to report that according to your feedback, most of you pretty stoked as well.

As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t want to ditch the series posts entirely. You’ve all had some great insights on past topics such as balance and what you wish people had told you in your first week of blogging. So we are switching things up a bit, keeping some of the same ideas as series posts and moving them to what we’re calling Healthy Living Tuesdays.

The Tuesday topics will change on a monthly basis. Since we will be limiting the Tuesday posts to 1 or 2 a day, we will only be publishing 4-6 posts on the given month’s theme. To make the process as fair as possible, here’s how it will work:

  • Towards the end of each month, we will be announcing the following month’s theme. Healthy Living Blog members can then send us a 2-3 sentence overview of what they would write for a Tuesday post. That way, because we are only publishing a handful of post each month, you don’t have to worry about writing an entire post, only for it to not go up.
  • The first 4-6 people who send us their overviews will be scheduled and asked to send in a full post.
  • BUT THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: If a blogger has had a Healthy Living Tuesday post go up in the past 2 months, they will only be scheduled for the following month if we don’t have 4-6 unique submissions from members who haven’t been recently featured. For example, if I had a Healthy Living Tuesday post in January, other bloggers would get ‘first dibs’ over the February and March Tuesday topics. That way, we can hear from as many members as possible!

This month’s topic will continue to be ‘balance,’ and we are looking for a few more submissions! Have an idea? Send it to Julie at January’s theme will be announced soon!


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