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This post is partially republished with permission from Kelsey.

As bloggers, we all know about the pitfalls of having a blogroll… have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  • how can I have the feeds I follow in Google reader show up as my blogroll?
  • I hate that my blogroll is full of links that I read years ago, but I never remember to take old links out, even if I’ve removed them from reader?
  • I add blogs to Google reader all the time, but I never remember to update my blogroll, WHYGODWHYISTHISSOHARD?

Okay, maybe that last one was a little dramatic, but generally, manually listing blogs SUCKS.

Most of us are using Google reader anyway, so did you know that you can use Google Reader to be the source for a list of links that you currently read? It is easy… Here is how…

1) Go to your Google Reader (You’re obviously logged in, right?) and click on Settings.

2) Go to the second tab called, Subscriptions. On the right side, next to one of the blogs that you’d like to add to your blogroll, click on the pull down menu and select New Folder


3) Name your folder. As you can see, I named mine “Blogroll”

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