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On balance.

To speak literally and figuratively—balance can be a tricky thing. And yet, it’s such a simple concept. As the essence of equilibrium, balance represents both sides being equal. It represents comparable distribution, as well as (quite simply) the ability to stand on your own two feet without falling. (Or even one foot, if you feel so inclined.) And balance means all of this to me. As a certified personal trainer, it has to.

When I work with my clients, I pay attention to each and every move they make. One misstep, one unbalanced move, can lead to unwanted injury. And I never, ever want my clients to get hurt. So we work on balance. Repeatedly. (Even if their balance is already quite good.) For this I call upon the BOSU trainer.

It creates an unstable surface that, when stood upon, challenges each and very muscle in the core. Think abdominals, hips and lower back. My clients feel unbalanced, but learn to control it. And in the end, it makes the stronger—in and out of the gym.

But the physical aspect of balance is only part of the story. Balance can be a mental challenge as well, and that’s where I am continuously reminding myself that equal distribution is a must. I am, after all, but one person with so many hours to her day. I can’t be everywhere at once despite my greatest efforts otherwise. So in that sense, true balance is knowing how to schedule your life so that it remains enjoyable. For example, in my own life, I have to be extremely particular about combining my work at the gym with my own personal workouts. If I teach too many classes or train with too many clients, then try to squeeze in personal workout sessions—well, that of course can lead to an imbalance in energy and strength. And while I realize that not all of you work in a gym, the same still applies to your life.

Find that happy medium between working hard and working too hard, whether it be at the gym or an office. Or even in the privacy of your own home. And no, I’m not just talking about physical exercise. I’m talking about all of the activities you take pride in from day to day. I’ll say it again—find that happy medium between working hard and working too hard. It’s an example of the essence of equilibrium. And, therefore, balance. An equal distribution of you, yourself.

Work on scheduling things in a way that won’t wear you down. And certainly work on your balance at the gym. Try standing on one leg as you perform bicep curls. Call upon your abdominal muscles—squeeze that stomach tight—to keep yourself from falling over. Or, set the weights aside and find the BOSU trainer. I bet your gym has one. Put one foot in the very middle and see how long you can stand on that one leg. Eyes up, arms out! It might be a great challenge at first, but you’ll get better. I promise.

Now, go ahead. Be balanced.

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